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  1. Changes to do  - List current as of September 15, 2006 Next Change Number is shown at the end of the list. Updates occur when there is information to post. An asterisk indicates a short-term priority

    1. R01000 - Update paypal processing to use new logos (Sept 2007)
    2. R00200 Remove hard-coded references to in navigation and replace them with either ./index.php or ../index.php.
    3. R00201 Make paypay email name a variable in ticketord2.php.
    4. R00103 Combine past season's Blue Notes.
    5. R0089 Add more a capella music
    6. R0093 Check all pages to verify 2003 now appears in past season list
    7. R0059 Consider adding more links to composers and other sites on this year's concert summary (top2003.html)
    8. R0038 Go through seasons/list.html  (Past Performances) and make the colors and fonts better and consistant. 
    9. R0018 Consider explicitly registering with search engines or a search engine service
    10. R0014 Consider adding more small images.
    11.  R0021 Add more fund raising information to the sponsors.html page (matching gifts etc.)
    12. . R0085 Install a form to capture New Member information
    13. R0013 Remove unused files
    14. R0054 Improve the format of the 2004-2005 summary page (seasons/04-05/top2004.html) 
    15. R00102 Re-implement email/print ticket order links using a commercial server.
    16. R00104 Implement a system to automatically enter/update Blue Notes
    17. R00105 Design a new Auction System and eliminate the dBase database (will generate more changes for this later)
    18. See end of document for a list of navigation problems to be fixed.


  1. Changes completed
  2. Changes made prior to September 15, 2006
  3. Changes not made
  4. Navigation issues:
    The content of the links section on the left is pretty consistent from page to page -- except for Home and Site Map. I think you've changed "Members" to "For Members Only", but only on these two pages. And sometimes there is a Past Concerts link, other times not; the "Select past seasons" box seems to be available when the Past Concerts link is not there. Small anomalies: the font for the links section on the Concerts page seems to be different than on all the other pages. On the Tickets page, Contact Us is a different font. Shouldn't they all be consistent?
    The navigation links at the bottom all seem to be the same font, but only appear on the Home, Concerts, Site Map and About NSCS pages. There are some differences between the occurrences (Past Concerts vs Past Performances, Site Map or no).Need to take another look about having links on the left side and the bottom of all pages.