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A Lifetime of Singing – Healthy Singing At Every Age!

A workshop for all age groups featuring

Karen Brunssen

Professor of Voice at Northwestern University, Karen Brunssen will share decades of experience and research on the voice as it matures from birth through senior years.
Ms. Brunssen is engaging, frank, and full of practical advice. This is a rare and valuable opportunity to learn more about your voice and celebrate singing throughout life.
Don’t miss it!


by Karen Brunssen, Northwestern University

Prof. Brunssen will share her research on “The Evolving Voice: Profound at Every Age.”

This multi-media presentation will include vocal science, sound clips, vocal pedagogy, and personal anecdotes.

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Demonstration Sessions

Led by Karen Brunssen and Julia Davids

Put your new knowledge into practice in this shared, interactive experience!

Karen Brunssen will lead groups of singers in vocal exercises designed specifically for that group’s general age and development.  She will also offer advice and suggestions for how to develop and/or maintain vocal health, and will answer specific questions.

Julia Davids will teach each group a simple song, applying the guidance of Ms. Brunssen.

We will conclude the workshop by all singing together. 

Karen Brunssen

Mezzo Soprano, Associate Professor of Voice, Bienen School of Music at Northwestern University, Co-Chair of Music Performance.

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North Shore Choral Society Concert

A Lifetime Of Singing Concert

Sunday, March 3, 2013
Regina Dominican High School

Join us for our A Lifetime of Singing in concert the following day.  Tickets will be available for purchase at the workshop. 

The North Shore Choral Society, the North Park University Chamber Singers, and the Evanston Children’s Choir combine for a choral extravaganza celebrating singing for all ages.

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